Hey…we love Pocahontas!


I realize that Mr. Trump is fully intending to insult Senator Elizabeth Warren…and by association all of the Native American Tribes in general.  Why not?  Why should they be exempt from the general bad-mouthing by the President Assumptive Trump.   (Just kidding…no derision of Native Americans intended. )

My first reaction was to wonder why “Pocahontas” would be taken as an insult and derogatory slur.   Pocahontas is and was one of most loved and respected…and most celebrated…of our female national hero(ines.)   Back in the day she defied her Father—a brave thing indeed for a Native Princess to do!


The above wikipedia article is very good…covers all aspects of the case, and of course helps to both promote AND attack the legendary information.   Pocahontas was the wife of an English settler at Jamestown, John Rolfe.   Her father was the Algonquin Chief Powhatan.  The way the story goes: English Captain John Smith was about to be executed by beheading, when the lovely Pocahontas threw herself upon him in order that if a head rolled—it would be hers.    She later chose the English over her tribe…and became very famous.

Here’s a couple of clips from Google.   Yes, that’s her in the red cape and white hat…boy, I’ll bet she wished she was back in that buckskin!

Hmmm… of course there aren’t photos of the “real” Pocahontas because it was back in the 17th Century.  🙂      There are  movies, and books, including Little Golden Books around.   The drawing is a Disney cartoon; the portrait by an English artist long after her move to England.





8 thoughts on “Hey…we love Pocahontas!

  1. That trump is such a badly behaved trumpet. I love Pocahontas and would watch her anytime any day. Someone needs to talk to that fellow about manners.
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    1. hey, I’ll be over later! thanks for the invite…it is general chaos in my life as usual…a few margaritas or bloody marys will do myself good. Even lemondade! Hey, did you see my lovely strawberry salad—maybe we could post that at your refreshment table. 🙂

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