gather up a basket of words…

It is Intriguing to consider
how rhymes live forever
words together, unique…
within each newly phrased combinations.
The same set of letters and characters
in countless configurations
are tools of writers and poets
to bend, redefine, interpret at whim…
rephrased facts of life to express
all of Nature and human emotions!
The creation of whimsy and wit
to capture the essence
of will-o-the-wisp
of a maiden’s dreams
and a strapping lad’s
thumping heart strings!
O! the possibilities of joy and longing.
Then of Nature’s constant surprises,
sometimes thrilling to the soul
oft times filling hearts and minds
with fear and commotion!
Earth’s Moon alone in words
could fill the thoughts of poets
and … then there’s the Sun!
We…as poets…and writers
need only gather a basket of words
and tweke and crimp and coin new phrases
that express endless variations
in combinations of words.

© Sometimes, 2016

13 thoughts on “gather up a basket of words…

  1. Quite the promising gathering of words that you have here! I like crimp. And will-of-the-wisp. And there are rhyming possibilities with these. Thank you for this reverie on rhyme.


    1. I have some new photos coming up, no prize winners but not bad, either. The flowers are just so quick, coming into bloom then fading…pictures let them live on in memory. My roses should last all summer and most of fall though…

      Liked by 1 person

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