14 thoughts on “Peony

  1. My favorite flower of all time. I had peonies lining the side of my home when I lived in New Jersey. During the two weeks of bloom each year, my neighbor and I would go out side with our coffee and sniff the peonies. We must have looked ridiculous but didn’t care. Best floral scent of all time.
    I was saddened when I lost my home because the new owners got rid of them. It was bad enough to lose a home, but to lose those peonies just tore my heart out!


    1. I have two varieties of peonies, the huge fluffy ones that are top-heavy, and some other shape ones I think I had a photo of them, maybe not. Peonies do smell nice, my sense of smell is very vague these days, but I did get a whiff of peonies…and the roses! It’s a great year for roses.


    1. the variety? These range from white to darker pink, and are huge…top-heavy in fact, I should stake them up always forget until they are laying all over the sidewalk. 🙂


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