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      1. I mentioned my camera doesn’t let the shooter think for themselves re f-stops…I learned how to tell what they are using though…some get 3.4 but haven’t gotten to f-2 yet.

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  1. Hi Gradmama, you are one of the people who brings bits of pleasure to my life. I generally leave a like but seldom a comment. So I just decided to tell you in this way that I benefit from your ability to grow beautiful flowers and from your ability to do the photography and all the technical things necessary to bring them from your house to my house. Thanks.


    1. thank you so much, Oneta…your comments just made my day! If you like my flowers I think you’ll love the Cloud picture today! As for ability to grow…uh, not so much, I just put them in the ground and they do their own thing. I had to tied those roses back yesterday though, they can be treacherous. πŸ™‚


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