Something lovely…

Sometimes I forget to take my camera with me when I leave home, and invariably I miss some momentous or fantastic shot that haunts me forever…er, maybe not that long…but I would have been truly regretful had yesterday been one of those times!   The cloud dissipated quickly between shots; in a nanosecond the heart was gone.    Would that have this cloud been visible back in the day someplace with my true love, as a lovely omen of wondrous days to come.   However, as fate would have it, I was with my son in the parking lot of the grocery store.  Not exactly romantic…

heart cloud 2

heart cloud

Heart Cloud photos © Sometimes, 2016



    • I try to keep it in a pocket, but when I dont I always seem something cool. That heart was even more pronounced but in the seconds it took to get out of the car and focus…there were some winds blowing it apart. That’s the nature of clouds, I guess.

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