The Deer in my backyard

The first two photos were taken through a glass door, a screen door, from a distance of about 100 feet.  In the third the deer has entered the “tree garden” and is munching between there and the barn on the other side of the trees.   The round silvery thing is a CD decoration.

deer 2
deer 2
deer shadow good
deer shadow

10 thoughts on “The Deer in my backyard

    1. No Hunting in our town…too many idiots mistaking people for deer hiding in hunting jackets… The city is too well built-up and inter-sected with highways. Chasing after deer involved in various misadventures keeps the police department busy. They had a COW running rampant around here a couple of weeks ago…therein lies another tale… 🙂

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      1. this whole cow thing is a mystery…all I know is the cow was either terrorized or terrorizing traffic on the highway…it ended up in the neighbors field…the cop had to shoot it because it was causing a problem…the owner of the cow was furious…the neighbors are all asking: “don’t they have a tranqilizer gun?” His predecessor in the job earned worldwide infamy by shooting some more-or-less-wild kittens that were a nuisance in a housing development. He got a LOT of flack! This is a pretty quiet town…

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      2. well they are building a new fire station, a new high school, widening major throughways, putting in sewer lines. It’s about time! We have a good mayor who gets things done… the downside of it all is that taxes are on their way up from high to higher.

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    1. We have a large area here, my daughter and soninlaw live next door…and we see deer a lot! They are lovely, unless they are eating farmers’ corn crops or the tops of young plants…OR are crossing the road without looking both ways :-[

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  1. The reply area was missing from the post about the greenhouse where you buy your plants. I can’t imagine living close to a business you frequent. I always thought it would be marvelous to live across the street from a grocery store.

    I’m wondering if you see the deer very often. We used to see them occasionally on our property on Long Island. In NC we have yet to see a deer in our country neighborhood.


    1. I kept trying to rewrite that post about the greenhouse…but I think a couple versions made it through. As for the deer, yes we see them a lot. Our property (my daughter lives next door) abuts the highway along the back. We maintain (sort of) a nature preserve back there…or it could be called a wilderness, except that it is mowed as much as possible. Across the road to the South is the city corporate limits…with a woods beyond. In our city there is No Hunting allowed…mainly because they don’t want idiots out shooting other people, and its too near-in to the city. The deer insist on migrating back and forth…instead of staying on one side or the other…which is dangerous both to the deer AND to motorists.

      The day I took these photos we later saw FIVE deer together. We have seen as many as 12. It is said that deer (and other wild critters) only allow humans to see them if they feel like it. I won’t go on and on bad-mouthing deer–they are beautiful and sweet and I love it when they let me photograph them.

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