Storm Signs – A Palindrome for Palindrome Week

Kate Myrman posted this super poem in honor of Palidrome Week… Those cool date configurations are always fun, but crafting that Palindrome Poem is a great accomplishment! Thanks for the re-blog, Kate. 🙂

like mercury colliding...


In honor of Palindrome week…here is a Palindrome Poem.

Storms coming…
furious blustering wind
midst clouds looming dark
while thunderous
voices strobing
warning ever warning
raindrops falling
like tears
frightened fragile 
souls crying 
are there
places safe
safe places
there are
crying souls
fragile frightened
tears like
falling raindrops
warning ever warning
strobing voices
thunderous while
dark looming clouds midst
wind blustering furious
coming storms.

kat ~ 16 June 2016

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