School’s out for Summer

This post strikes me on several counts…Mark Aldrich is an excellent blogger, always writes about something I am interested in. I’m trying to reconnect with some of my old blogger buddies that might have gotten lost in the email flood! Thanks for the reblog, Mark! 🙂

The Gad About Town

I taught freshman composition at two upstate New York colleges in the early 1990s for five years. My last class met for its final session at the conclusion of the fall 1995 semester, just over two decades ago now.

From the start of my last-ever school term, 20 autumns ago, I knew that this was going to be my final semester teaching or attempting to teach or even putting the word “teacher” on the line marked “profession”; thus, of course, two of the three sections that I worked with that semester were two of the best, brightest, most entertaining groups of students I had yet worked with, and they almost made me regret my decision to retire at age 27. Almost.

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    1. Yep. How in the world do you handle your follow lists? There are some who follow me once then are never heard from again, but they still show up on my email notifications. What happens is that my growing list of “regulars” sometimes get lost in the flood of email. I should probaably switch to g.mail, they have the multi colored star system instead of the wimpy yellow star of yahoo. What to do? sigh….

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      1. tha’ts what my son says too. He’s an Apple fan, commented “what kind of son fails to influence his mother to buy Macs?” I have a gmail account…guess I’ll start using it.


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