Go Cavs! Great job for Cleveland!

Big day for Cleveland!
Cavaliers won the trophy
basketball fans euphoric

winners or losers
We always support our teams
with cheers from the stands

when our hopes are dashed
e’en through tears and heavy hearts
we always say “next year!”

The Cavs are Champions!
Now– in two thousand sixteen
city is filled with joy

smiling and laughing,
cheering fans dance in the streets
all share the glory

Big day for Cleveland!
Cavaliers won the day…
basketball heroes!

© Sometimes, 2016


3 thoughts on “Go Cavs! Great job for Cleveland!

    1. this is the first trophy we have had in anything in Cleveland since…1948 for baseball, not sure how long for the Browns. First for the Cavs, not sure how long they’ve been around.


    2. Cleveland deserves a big win now and then…and I’m happy for LeBron, he was booed last year when he came back from Florida…he seems to be a real person, redeemed himself with the pennant (or do they call it a trophy?)


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