paranoia strikes here

I have given up, and reverted to BW10 (Before Windows 10.)   I have sooo much trouble trying to get pictures posted…its ridiculous.  So we will see what happens now.  If worse comes to shove then I’ll restore the whole thing…OR switch to my laptop, OR to my old laptop which has a new hard-drive but I think it still has something like Windows95 on it…I know…I should be so lucky.  Even XP…in fact even Vista might work.

Since I have had my computer since 1983, I am no newbie.  First I used Word Star, on a CP/M Kaypro2.   Then umpteen WordPerfect versions, (I refuse to switch to Word, which booted everything else over..especially my WordPerfect up to 11.  I hate that bureaucratic stuff.  Fortunately I finished my graduate work before Word became the “Industry Standard” and all new Windows machines came with Word.   Back in the day when I bought a new computer the perks that went with it included a choice of FREE Word Processing software.  Then they stopped making it free…but I had a student rate on the WP software.

My son, who is a big Macintosh Fan, says he regrets not influencing his mother to buy Macs instead of PCs… oh woe!

So this is my first post from back from the future…. I am especially interested in posting some new  pictures, and all I want is to be able to move the image files over onto a new post without a big hassle… so friends, please wish me luck and a minimum of anguish.

Here goes nothing, as they say…

beer …lookin’ good!

11 thoughts on “paranoia strikes here

  1. I know what you mean! Windows 10 has really messed up my pictures. I can’t even find some of them, and trying to post them is so much trouble from my PC. I’ve just been using my phone photos to upload to WP. UGH!! Hope your troubles get resolved soon.


    1. I am writing a whole post about my adventures getting these Tucson pictures on clearly. I switched back to Internet Explorer, and reposted ALL my shots in the post from the original Photo Gallery site. In my first post the photos are mostly grainy and not clear…but when I posted them again from scratch they actually are pretty decent!

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  2. Wow! We began on the same path! I knew lots of shortcuts in Word Star and was very sorry to have it surplanted by WordPerfect. After I learned that one well, Word came on the scene. We used it exclusively at work, so I had to get up to speed on the various upgrades as they came along. I’d be satisfied to stop right there. Something new will always be lurking in the wings, won’t it?


    1. I still like WordPerfect…I have version 11, but it won’t work with the new Windows. WordStar was lovely…the whole system came on one 5 inch floppy…with some work/storage space to spare AND that was just on A drive… B had lots of space. I worked for the newspaper then, at the time they were computerizing…so I learned the fundamentals on the work computer; I was part-time by then, so I was on the “second group” learning the system. Then I HAD to get my own!

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