What happened to the first post?

Good question…I’m glad you asked!

I do a lot of photos…some are good, some are pretty bad focus-wise,  grainy and blurry.   So yesterday in a fit of frustration I decided to try to get to the bottom of the problem.  I have an idea how I want photo galleries to look, and all I want is clarity, focus, and decent pics that I don’t have to apologize for.

I thought when I got Windows 10 last year that my photo problems were solved.  HA!  Dream on, Fool…. But before I start bad-mouthing Windows, I must admit that I am a tinkerer when it comes to computers.  I couldn’t wait for Best Buy’s Geek Squad to set up my new computer last year–after all, I was perfectly capable of doing it myself, right?  Well, NO.     For one thing, my system has never had sound…I have no idea why, and lord knows I’ve fiddled with the speaker mechanism forever.   But I don’t have time for that…I need to do actual work on my computer and don’t have time to tinker with sound…I can read closed captions, and anyway, my hearing is pretty well shot any way.

So I switched back to Internet Explorer, and set Firefox free.  Then reverted to an older version of Windows…without the fancy-dancy “photo operations” that just don’t work for me.     I like to use Photo Gallery…which the new Windows seems to be wanting to get lost. Well I like it.  It works for me. (sometimes)

I have thousands of photos…used to be most were 35mm slides, but now most are digital, on CDs or on the computers.   In addition, some of the albums or collections of photos are comprised of shots taken by more than one photographer, more than one camera, and have been moved around within the vast photo library.

One thing I think I have learned is that when I make up a post like this one on Old Tucson, consisting of shots from both my camera and my son’s, (most taken by me,) an assortment of different cameras over the years…there are parameters which must be observed.  I just wish I knew and understood them.  The specific problem I had with the Old Tucson post was that I was trying to post them on the WordPress editing page from Photo Gallery AND from copies of originals which I had placed on the desktop and tried to “drop” into the post.  The result was that the photos in the post were various sizes, and worse…some of them were copies and of reduced quality.   The realization that it was not the IMAGE that was bad…but the WAY I was trying to move them into the post.

I took down the first post because most of the shots were lousy … mostly problems with clarity and that I was trying to re-post a faulty image.   So it wasn’t the image…it was the method that was bad.

Sometimes I really   miss my ancient word-processing systems, simple WordPerfect programs, a simple WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) format that was back in the time before all the improvements and innovations.    Except for some excellent expert help from the Cleveland State U computer-lab techs, when knowledge of WordPerfect 4.5 was needed…I am self-taught.  I personally deciphered the early manuals and the C/-prompts, and solved inevitable problems.  Now that even our first and second graders are proficient in computer skills…I realize I am way behind.   But that’s not such a bad thing.