Why we vote the way we do

I have long entertained some theories about elections, and how and why people vote the way they do.

Factional Voting: On any given issue, from the most basic township trustee election to the Big One…voting for POTUS.    Take for instance a local Council Representative…there are three factions in play:  FOR, AGAINST, EITHER/OR.    In a nutshell…supporters of a candidate, enemies of his or hers, and the vast pool of voters who don’t know…don’t care…or make it up on election night.

FOR a candidate… close friends, true supporters who know what is going on and are informed voters, and enemies of the opposition candidate.

AGAINST….people that don’t like the candidate, disagree with the issue, hold strong but informed reasons for being opposed.

EITHER/OR… voters who never heard of any of the candidates…just pick one from the list.  Know them both and are ambivalent about them, and those who just don’t care.

There are reasons for NOT LIKING a candidate, of course:

the way they wear their hair

friends do or do not like them

because they are a woman/ or a man/

pure straight-party-ticket voters.

In reverse, the same reasoning can be applied to LIKING a candidate.

The Either/Or category makes up much of the “swing-vote” of people who don’t know, don’t care, never heard of any of the candidates. can’t stand “uppity women,” or a myriad of other reasons for “deciding at the last minute.”


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    1. bond issues and tax issues are purposely written to confuse…sometimes it takes a couple of readings to sort it out. Instead of the gobbldygook they need to say on the ballot “should we build a new school or not?”

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