Wordle #116 a flight of fancy


For Mindmisery’s Menagerie, prompt for yesterday.  The Wordles are fun, given a list of words and spin them into a poem or yarn in any order.      The words: starch, trample, Protean, walnut, strop, staccato, waltz, churn, wallflower, dummy, probiscus, Fireworks.(use any ten in any order.)

A Flight of Fancy for the Fourth

In spite of his prominent probiscus,
Sam had reputation as a protean dancer—
His staccato taps as he tripped a Flamenco
was just as charming as his whirl in a Waltz.
No dummy, Sam danced with the wallflowers…
melting the starch in reticent maidens
and moved with the music-style beat, in time.
Trampled the competition, like a SNAP! of a strop…
set off fireworks with his fancy footwork.

© Sometimes, 2016

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