an Ode to black plastic

once  an idea born
of  clever innovation
stoked by sheer frugality:
cost of a proper venue
then happened to be
not only exhorbitant…
within possible limits.

the giant wedding feast,
too much for facilities
existing that time,
required adequate shelter
more than from our trees.
for rain inevitable
promised for morrow.

“I’ve got it!” He exclaimed,
“we will buy some black plastic
and cover the yard!”
“Perhaps this will do,” said Wife.
Enthusiasm peaking,
He concurred– “oh yes!
I have an idea, too…”

“Two poles and a tree
will provide the Eastern side,
meet the same at West…
and the span will keep us dry.”
The good wife replied–
“Oh that will not work, my love…
here’s what we must do!”

Her plan was to stretch
the soft, pliable vinyl
o’er the garage roof
to provide give and support
for stability.
“Otherwise the whole
contraption will fall.”

“My dear, your lack of
engineering skill aside,
experience shall prevail…”
the project commenced.
So up went the support poles,
wobbling at cover…
and the wind began to blow.

Forever after,
in tales of family lore,
appropo or not,
the legend of black plastic
collapsing with grace…
an audible WOOSH…
will endure forever.

© Sometimes, 2016.

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