Surfing a Sine Wave, aka Biorythm

On alternate weeks, on the day we were born,
(they say,) there’s a change in our Biorythm…
when the sine curve dips below the mean
or rises ’til it hits a peak—I agree with ’em.

There are three, they say: health, intellect and mood
reflecting our physical construction
emotions react to sensory stimuli—for bad or good—
and strength and stamina aids resurrection.

Up to great heights, and down in the dumps
elation, arousal, ambition—all energetic—
warms the vigour of the pumping heart
when time and life’s traffic is ever more hectic.

What is certain is the regular rise and fall
of the curve as it leaps and dips..whether joy or tears,
the rhythm does calculations and regulations,
regardless of season…it all up to the whims of the Moon.

Not being a scientist or physician, I’m not in a position
to elaborate on things of a physical or technical nature—
suffice it to say that I am a believer…and if I my vision
is exceptionally  happy, or sad, or blasé—it must be a Friday!

© Sometimes, 2016

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