Plagiarism…Play or Pay?

OOPS…. I managed to delete this post, both the current and the original from January.    An accident?  Perhaps…sometimes I change my mind about a post.   However, I was under the impression that deleted posts could be restored…I guess not.

I was trying to reblog a post, and add a new commentary at the top of it.     I didn’t like the way the post was going, so I deleted it….but then changed my mind.  But it was gone.

The new post was about Melania Trump’s speech last night to the RNC.  Republican National Convention.  I do not believe that SHE plagiarized a speech from eight years ago by present First Lady, Michelle Obama.    However, it seems obvious to me that parts of the speech WERE plagiarized, but not by Mrs. Trump.  I suspect the teleprompter had some tampering.   But what do I know?   Only what my gut tells me.  She did seem to stumble over the suspicious wording.



Plagiarism…the theft of someone else’s creative work.

Sure…everyone knows they will get a big fat F if their high school  teacher finds out that their term paper turns out to be the work of William Shakespeare…or Danielle Steel …or Dr. Seuss.   No student writer in his or her  right mind is going to steal much from Stephen King…and what ninth grade General Science student is going to try to pass off as his own work passages from Charles Darwin.

At the University level trying to pass off some obscure paper written by Steven Hawking  as one’s own work can result in academic probation…or even expulsion from the institution.    Even worse, professional plagiarists in any field– or area of academe–may find disgrace and loss of reputation if they purloin another writer’s work.

Worst case scenarios aside, and beyond the scope of this brief post, are such issues as legal complications…

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