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Wow!   Just WOW!   That’s a new IN saying, has anyone noticed?    It is a simple phrase that can be applied to most any situation.

Admiration…Wow!  Did you check the CNN anchor’s HAIR!   Wow!  I haven’t decided if I like her hair that way or not.   Between you and me, it may be a tad TOO blonde.   In fact, while on that subject…have you noticed how so many of those women are blonde?–even the brunettes are blonde.  How come there aren’t any redheads?   It used to be de rigeur, back in the day, to try to get an equal number of blondes, brunettes, and redheads.  This will probably date me, but how about Betty Grable, Hedy Lamaar, and Rita Hayworth???   Huh??? (wink wink)

Say what?    NO…I really like blondes.   I love blondes.    And furthermore, to demonstrate that I am definitely NOT sexist…I also love “blonds.”  That’s how fair-haired MEN should be described.    In my family, which is VERY-extended, there are always lots of blonde/blonds.     I always attribute that to our Viking ancestor that someone found back in the family tree.     But to be fair, there are LOTS of ancestors back there….and they all have different colors of hair.

I always ought it was a tremendous rip-off that I had brown hair…nearly black in fact…and my sisters were BLONDES.   My cousins were Blondes.  Even some of my kids are blonde/blonds.      I was always very jealous of this fact.   Once I thought of becoming a redhead, which was what I always wanted to be…but when I tried it the dye (oops…coloring)  that the beautician used produced more of a brassy copper sort-of-maroonish hue.  It was quite remarkable—and WOW! what comments I got.

To get back to the News Media people’s hair,   it always strikes me as incongruous when a striking, intelligent, educated, knowledgeable woman—especially if she is wearing a slinky cocktail dress under her flack jacket—is reporting in a serious and somber no-nonsense tone of voice the latest news about murder and mayhem and general disasters across the world.      I like the more casual hair-styles the news people are allowed out in the wind and rain….by the way, did you SEE what happened when the storm blew up and rain poured down on the CNN broadcast yesterday?      That was a great segment—wind whipping  hair and blowing chairs around?

WOW!    I LOVE that kind of stuff!



12 thoughts on “Observations and Gossip

    1. “awesome” should be reserved for thunder claps/downpours etc. I went to a wedding once, of the daughter of a woman that I knew to be domineering and holier-than-thou. Just as the minister said the part about not interfereing there was a tremendous clap of thunder and the rain just poured from the sky. Now THAT is “awesome!”


  1. I sometimes wonder what would happen if some of us suddenly stopped using hyperbole, and just said what we meant instead??? (some question marks instead 😉 )


    1. some outfits are just ridiculous! To me, any way. My kids stopped asking “you aren’t wearing THAT!?!? long ago, because I always say that “I’m old, I wear what I want.” 🙂

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    2. a lot of people with no taste, poor taste, outrageous taste in clothing would get their feelings hurt a lot more often. I do make an effort to comment on how nice someone looks, but of course that’s my opinion.

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      1. me too…I’m not into hurting people’s feelings, so if I think they look ridiculous or silly I never say so…on thought that if “they” think they look good then who am I to say not?

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  2. EG … instead of ‘wow! that dress is AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!’ We simply said ‘I like your dress’ … (replacing exclamation marks with ellipses … )


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