HOME…Haiku Challenge

Here’s a fun challenge that I am participating in, and inviting a blogger to make the next link in a chain that will eventually have 21 links.      I am inviting Carol Campbell, of writersdream9.wordpress.com  NOT because I like her more than the rest of you guys, but because she is the first poet I thought of that might play along.

The poem is shaping up very nicely…the theme HOME.   Following is the first five stanzas (Haikus all) and.  Mine is first in my post, (and last) because that’s the way the others did it, and it works for me.

I am including Spiritualdragonfly’s post… which FYI I tried to re-blog, but lost… following my own contribution.   The other entrants are listed in order, and I hope Carol will join up.

Gradmama’s Haiku:

within my heart
there exist no boundaries
and no exclusions

Sometimes, 2016


HOME…..Haiku Challenge


Home is a feeling

Of comfort and belonging

I found it within…              

Safar over at Blisters, Bunions & Blarney came up with a Haiku Challenge. The baton is being passed down the line – from Calen to Jane and now to Raili…..Raili has so kindly passed the baton to me……Id like to invite Gradmama2011 to join in. I hope you do!!! 😊

The way it works is:

Person 1 (Safar)

1. Create a haiku – no constraints

2. Pick a person to create the next link in the chain.

3. Person 2 (Calensariel)

Person 2 (Calensariel)

1. Create a haiku with one constraint

2. The first word of the haiku you create is the last word of the previous haiku

3. Pick a person to create the next link in the chain

Persons 3-20

1. Repeat the instructions for Person 2

Person 21 (that’ll be the last person in the chain)

1. Create a haiku with two constraints

2. The first word of the haiku you create is the last word of the previous haiku.

3. The last word of the haiku you create is first word of the first haiku in the chain.

And so the circle is closed.

A couple of ‘rules’ so that we get to keep track of the links in the chain:

When you participate, you agree that others are able to share your haiku, using the credits and the link back to the post that you provide.

Post all previous haiku on your blog, including all the credits and links provided. Add your haiku to the chain.

Credit yourself, and include a link back to your post. You might need to edit your post and add the link in retrospect.

Create a link back to this post.

Have fun!!

OH! And if you’d like to join in, please leave a note in the comments!

So shall we see how far we can get??? Here we go!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mountain of paper noodles,

earthworm fodder to

keep mycelium

(Safar Fiertze…Blisters Bunions and Blarney)

running down life’s path

many trails beckon my heart;

which one leads to me

(Calen….Impromptu Promptlings)

me and the old oak

communicate silently

at one with the earth

(Jane…Making It Right)

earth a pearl of blue

hidden in the shell of space

the pearl is my home

 (Raili…Souls Gifts)

home is a feeling

of comfort and belonging

I found it within

(Linda…Spiritual Dragonfly)

within my heart
there exists no boundaries
and no exclusions




25 thoughts on “HOME…Haiku Challenge

    1. I pretty much keep on top of the spam and check the trash…every now and again something goes in. Coincidentally…there was a post from spiritdragonfly that went in spam—I corrected it.

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  1. Hi Gradmama, so happy that you joined the challenge and what a beautiful addition to the chain! If only there were more hearts like yours and what a wonderful world it would be. Thank you for participating and passing it on. Am loving how it is shaping up.


      1. Would love it to be one of a series. Perhaps each link could be the start of a new chain? Could create a mandala in words. Hoping we get to 21 – not sure if I was too ambitious.


      2. oh, it will reach 21…no fear of that. I like the idea, once the first chain of 21 is reached a second chain starts to make the second link of 21. Lovely idea…thanks . 🙂 A mandala…that is a super idea… I do beading, so your idea is illustrated for me. :.)

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      3. not too ambitious! I like challenges with not too many rules, and specific simple instructions. A lot of challenges are too complicated for ME, and if I have to figure out what to do I’m less likely to take part.


  2. I’m so pleased you understood, I wondered if it would make any sense outside of my own head!
    I know what you mean by challenge instructions. I had to think hard about how to keep the chain visible as it’s being created and all participants equally credited, without it being too complicated. I’ve also often puzzled over exactly what is expected of me.
    Beading, eh? Sounds like it could be thoroughly absorbing, and like knitting, you can see your own work evolve throughout the process of creating it.

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    1. I just sort of did what was done before. I like simplicty too, and like to have a sort of model to follow. I worry about not properly crediting an author. The way you did it is fine I think.

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    2. I forget why I mentioned beading. I don’t knit, but I do crochet. I like to bead because an item project works up quickly to where I can see it developing.


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