Blooming Sansevieria

I did not know that Sansevieria plants had flowers.   Also known as Snake Plant, and Mother-in-Law-Tongue, we have always had this type of plant around the house.  It grows easily and is hardy, tolerates neglect, and is easy to propogate.

One of several potted plants just suddenly bloomed a few years ago, but we didn’t notice it very soon and it had begun to age and deteriorate.  This year, 2016, however, I spotted the bloom early on, so we got to enjoy it longer.

This specimen is the first one of mine that has bloomed.



Sansevieria Blossom


11 thoughts on “Blooming Sansevieria

    1. I don’t know why. Nicknames are in, I guess. The good old names coming back now the kids go by the whole moniker instead of nicknames. It always bugs me when a Judge goes by “Susie” or whatever, or a politician insists on being known as
      Jim…or worse yet Jim-Bob. Yes I am a crotchety old woman….it’s what I do! 🙂


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