29 thoughts on “Cat Naps

    1. My sister in Florida had a parrot that had belonged to a Cuban fisherman…he had a very colorful vocabulary…ariba! abajo! Welcome to Florida!….I am always fascinated by that kind of stuff. She had a second parrot, and they would chat together…sort of spooky late at night. 🙂 They would mimic humans talking and laughing.


      1. no, just the one on the footstool, Baby…he has a hip ailment and her legs won’t move properly. The others are outside cats. I DO have cats in my house, though, mostly ancient creatures…one is in her 18th year.

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      2. I’m not sure. I have read that cats can live to be 20 or more. My previous cats lived to be about 13. Right now besides Tinkerbell (who is in her 18th year) I have one who is older than 13, the others near-ten. Except Baby is just a year old.

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      3. I haven’t forgotten you, just having a bad slump now. I’ll get over it, always do! 🙂 Am having trouble with photos again…I hate Windows 10, my system is not working right and its driving me nuts!

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