Hollyhocks That Grow On Trees? (Re-blogged)

This re-blog from Miss Sissinghurst is of great interest to me, so I decided to re-blog it here. Thanks, Vita!

Miss Sissinghurst

Spring and summer are well provided with flowering shrubs, but it is a puzzle to know what to grow of a shrubby nature for colour in the late months of July, August, and September.  There are the hibiscus (Althea Frutex) which are attractive with their hollyhock-like flowers…

-Vita Sackville-West
In Your Garden
June 25th, 1950

Everyday I run two miles with my dog and my kids in tow on their bikes, and everyday  I pass by the same bushes.  They sit in my neighbor’s yard oddly out of place toward the road.  I never realized these bushes were anything special until July rolled around.  With the heat of summer beautiful blooms began to emerge.



Tall bushes they were, at least eight feet, with abundant blooms.  I thought immediately  I should plant several along my fence to block out my neighbor’s barking dog.  Perhaps the solution should come from these enormous shrubs of flowering beauty since…

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6 thoughts on “Hollyhocks That Grow On Trees? (Re-blogged)

    1. there are so many wonderful sites that we miss simply because we never see them or hear of them. My “gardening” posts are always well received, and draw traffic among my commenters. I have a post coming out maybe today with a photo of my Rose of Sharon, which is covered with blossoms. My Hibiscus are not at profuse as in other years, but are individually gorgeous 🙂

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