Responsible self-promotion: negotiating the relationships between self and Other, myself and ‘my’ work RE-BLOGGED!

This excellent article by Alison Phipps, is re-blogged from her site: genders, bodies, and politics.    The topic is one that I find interesting, so I will refer to it in my own post on the subject.



genders, bodies, politics - writing by Alison Phipps

This is the text of a talk I was invited to give at Sussex university on February 18th 2016, to a group of PhD students and early-career researchers. 


‘Responsible self promotion’. I think that is probably an oxymoron. Responsibility implies being accountable to something other than the self: the act of promoting the self is by definition, selfish. Is it possible to both promote the self and be accountable to the Other? I think the answer is ‘probably not’. But self-promotion is increasingly part of academic life: our readerships and research ‘impact’ are metricised by systems of reward and punishment like funding streams, league tables, and the REF. For early career researchers, precarious employment depends on being able to narrate the self in a marketable fashion. For those in mid- to late-career stages, promotion is reliant on self-promotion: rising up the ranks means evidencing, usually for a committee, our intellectual…

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