What are we supposed to do? RE-BLOG from OM site.

Wow! Or as we used to say after the War…ZOUNDS! Yes!!! I can’t believe that I am re-blogging my OWN post for the HarshReality, Opinionated Man blog….which by the way (wink, wink) is a HUGE honor having been posted by OM. My humbleness is hardly contained….Wow! Thanks Jason for inviting me to be a Guest Blogger! 🙂   I’m so ASITED!!!…as my great granddaughter used to say.



4 thoughts on “What are we supposed to do? RE-BLOG from OM site.

  1. Oh wow, I can feel that the feeling and the pressure. I’ve been invited to contribute to a multi-contributor blog. The brief is not defined. I don’t know what they want. So I’ve not responded. You’ve encapsulated so well what I’ve not been recognising as the deterrent. Well maybe now, I’ll get a grip and get on with it. Thank you!! Btw, it was an excellent response to the demands – it made me smile – I think all readers will relate.


    1. Thank you! Actually I am a writer, and have always been. I blog almost everyday, and usually have a ready topic. However…it is not always clear what is wanted, and details such as where, what, when…etc. I am a faithful reader of OM, and still wasn’t sure what he wanted. In my own blogs I just write posts….and hope my readers like it, and read them. I do think that this indecision causes a lot of bloggers to hesitate … I know that is true in my case… usually if I can’t figure out what they want and how to submit posts—I don’t do it. Thanks for your comments…really appreciated!

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      1. I did it! I responded to the invitation. No commitment yet, but I asked for more info about the remit. I guess it is about responsibility – not wanting to let your host or yourself down. It’s a good experience for inviting guest bloggers of our own. What I’d really like you to write about is …. (Although I have no idea how a guest post would be submitted?)
        You have more than one blog? Respect! I can’t imagine ever having more than one.


      2. the way OM has it set up is good… I know what you mean about letting host down, I still secretly fear the abrupt note…do it over! from my newspaper reporter and college student days.


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