Fairy Ring



After the Rain….before the grass turned green again.       We call this growth of mushrooms a Fairy Ring.     This is a half-ring, with other parts in the semi-circle. in place but not complete.      I don’t know what kind of mushrooms they are, probably not edible.  My late husband used to gather wild mushrooms, including huge round puff-balls, some as large as a soccer ball.

23 thoughts on “Fairy Ring

    1. ok…there was one next door recently but I didn’t get out there to shoot it. I do have some pics my husband took back in the day… actually the usual size of the puff balls is about softball size. They are edible. In fact, maybe my daughter DID get the one I mentioned, she lives next door. I’ll check.

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    2. I just published a shot of a a big puff ball, a foot in diameter, on my blog. I wanted to use a photo that my husband had taken, but after searching 632 photo albums and nineteen thousand photos I failed to find the one I wanted. I got kittens, baby people, pyramids, goats, foreign cities, seven hundred Christmas trees…but the mushroom shot eludes me. 🙂

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      1. We once had a dog named Smokey, who my husband said was the smartest dog he ever knew. (great recommendation indeed!) Smokey once encountered the Goodyear Blimp overhead (low down) and her comment was WOOF! If that doesn’t prove the premise I don’t know what does. I don’t know if she ever encounteres a big mushroom. She did comment about her first Daffodil, though…she ate it.

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    1. it is curious the way the little shrooms appear in a circular pattern. Now I’m curious…do you mean fairy ring isn’t a scientific term? Also, to this day I refer to those little whispy fluffy things that float around as “money stealers.” It’s a kid-thing. 🙂


  1. Now I know what a fairy ring is. Thanks for the illumination–and the photograph that shows it. I trust remembrance of gathering in the wild is good. Mushrooms big as soccer balls? Wow!


    1. My husband used to know mushrooms, but there were only a couple of varieties that he knew were edible beyond a doubt. I rarely even tasted them. The big puff-ball ones he used to cut in strips and fry them…they didn’t have much taste if ya asked me, but they smelled awful!


      1. We have a ring in our garden, but it is smaller in diameter. I’ve never been able to identify them properly. I used to live in Ireland and it was a widely held superstition that if you stepped into the wrong the fairies would be upset. One place I lived, the homes on the other side of the street had experienced a lot of tragedies over the years and it was explained as the houses had been built on a fairy ring. If I see one, I am cautious about not stepping into it now!


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