A Puff Ball Mushroom

Image result for puffball mushrooms

This is a photo from an online collection.  It is a foot wide at its diameter,.  This is just like the ones that grow in my yard sometimes after a heavy rain. They are edible, but due caution is needed to make sure that what ya think is a puff ball is indeed that.

These big ball-like mushrooms are fairly common around where we live, in Northern Ohio.  In fact there was one next door that I wanted to photograph, but forgot about it before I had my camera in my hands.    They appear in fields or forest areas after heavy rains.



17 thoughts on “A Puff Ball Mushroom

    1. me too…I think those fairy ring ones are poison…I wouldn’t trust any of them. The puff balls are edible, but yukky. That’s my official opinion. My husband was the mushroom student. 🙂


    1. my better half used to fry them up and then turn them into powder and use it in soups or gravy…. yuk! Most of the wild ones he was not sure of, so didn’t eat them. There was a nice Morrel type once, but he was not sure of it…I found a picture today.

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