Finally! Some good news for pizza lovers…in New Zealand

yes indeed….looking over the Washington Post offering this morning, there is actually some good news.   Alas, though…not for me here in Ohio, but if ya live in New Zealand—go for it!   And please let me know how it works!


Now, if anyone asks me, pizza delivery is a great innovation.   The pizza arrives in good time, with a two-litre of Pepsi, and for a twenty dollar bill including a lavish tip for the delivery person—presto!   Dinner!

New Zealanders can just call their local shop, and a drone (imagine that!) will shortly swoop out of the sky…scaring heck out of the dog…who might attack the drone, eat the pizza, and no one will ever know until they send another drone to check.      That scenario is pretty far-fetched, I’ll admit…most of the dogs I have ever known were too smart to attack an unknown thing.  (Maybe whine a bit from inside their dog house.)

Drones may be the latest thing in wonderful inventions, but as far as I’m concerned, and I admit I’m an old Luddite…hmmm, I wonder what those guys that smashed up the machines would have done it they had their pizza delivered by drone?  Yikes, it wouldn’t have been pretty.

Sending machines that look like a cross between a mosquito and a sci-fi-helicopter is bad enough…just one of the creations could wipe out an apartment building from across the world with explosives.   Or, on the other hand, they could help to end starvation by sending pizzas to destitute families in war torn areas.     Maybe after the killer-strike drone dust settles down, a pizza delivery drone could be sent to help the survivors.

It just boggles the mind!

4 thoughts on “Finally! Some good news for pizza lovers…in New Zealand

  1. Considering it’s New Zealand, I thought the news was going to involve mutton on pizza or something. Thanks for sharing! I hope you are in an Ohio place safe from the recent tornadoes.


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