Have a Coffee?

What’s new this morning?
We have run out of coffee.
Real coffee, that is,
that comes in a container
and needs to be brewed…
we have the kind in a jar.

To me…no matter…
coffee is coffee I say:
as long as its black,
not too weak or strong in taste,
hot enough for me.
Though some turn up their noses.

New and improved
mixes well in cold water….
no annoying foam!
Just pop in the microwave
’til the timer dings,
Fresh  Coffee!   Without the fuss!

Alas! For purists,
who may plaintively lament,
craving  “real” coffee …
my suggestion is simple:
as Grandma would say—
“Have a cup of TEA!”

© Sometimes, 2016



7 thoughts on “Have a Coffee?

  1. (I like hobbits and their writing.) If a hobbit were to write about the joys of making modern coffee, what is said would not come off more likably than what you express, here.


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