To Die in Satin…

This is a Wordle for Special Edition “Touch” MindLoveMisery’sMenagerie, August 29, 2016 Challenge.

This is not my usual fare, but here is the short vignette that I wrote using many, if not all, of the Wordle words given for the challenge.

to die in Satin…

Feverish now, thrashing among sodden sheets
grown bristly and coarse, soaked with salty tears
in a tangible horror of torturous linen…
no smoothing touch of pumice could relieve,
to sharply barbed cloth…once satiny to the touch…

The dying man’s angular body wracked with agony,
viscous sweat turning waxy his once swarthy skin
as rigidity overcame and replaced malleability.
“Oh!  Let me die!” he entreated those who
could do nothing else.

©Sometimes, 2016

6 thoughts on “To Die in Satin…

    1. thank you! The Wordle list was quite intriguing…my interpretation turned to horror, very dark… but the first reading of the words of the Wordle was quite different in mood. Interesting how our minds form tales and memories on their own, just from a list of words that ate not necessarily related. 🙂

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