Echo of Chardonnay WORDLE Special Edition “SOUND”

Sound Wordle

Sounds remain in memory banks to fill a silent void.
As the blind hear what they cannot see,
the Deafened have memories of sounds
in silence echo sonorous nocturnal interludes…
a rustle of taffeta nearby…
the gurgle of the newly uncorked vessel,
with its cheery “pop!” of releasing Chardonnay.

Somewhere a whistle escapes a kettle’s steam
with a strident “woosh!” a steam engine slows.
The crackle of a welcoming  fire,  a heat current conveys
with soft vibrations, the percussive beat of distant drums;
the buzz of a harmless insect seeking aimlessly,
bare tree branches scratching at a window pane…
a thready sigh escapes a whisper of Death.



32 thoughts on “Echo of Chardonnay WORDLE Special Edition “SOUND”

      1. An apple grower, my Bob used to make cider, and then wine…we would go downstairs to the fruit cellar now and then and sample the current progress. Fun…the kids would say “you guys been in the fruit cellar again?” 🙂

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    1. I prefer a nice Merlot, or Shiraz, sometimes a Cabernet or Pinot Noir, etc. We collect corks…once we saw in Quebec (I think it was) a huge glass jug (more than a five-gallon) in a restaurant. Started our own, I still have it.

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  1. Ah – I like this. You found my short verse site which is my daily pieces to my own prompting 😉 My other sites one for longer verse or fiction are usually where I post my MLMM prompts responses like this one; to this sound prompt plus – I often mash and mix prompts:
    Harmonic Notes?

    Thanks for stopping by 🙂


      1. I have a few places I submit/have submitted to; besides just prompts – I do not produce a ‘zine.

        I like that MLMM has something new everyday. And I have some favorites that I go to regularly.

        I also like flash fiction. If you go to that site (of mine) you’ll see some of the other places I have written – I always put the links in to the prompt site.

        Though not all inspired ‘prompt’s are actually calling for entries. I have one friend who has a vast variety of quotes, pin-up art, posts, music and humor. Sometimes I’ll pull a quote from there. But ‘they’ aren’t asking for submissions.

        I just get inspired by, well pretty much anything 😉


      2. thanks! I do an eclectic blog…photography, poetry, fiction now and then, opinion…I like the challenges and/or prompts because it gives an assignment sort of instead of just free-wheeling. I tried to write a flash fiction (99 words) an hour or so ago…but it insists on being a poetic free form. 🙂

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      3. I’ll send you an e-mail with some of my favorite sites. Some could be used for memoir. I myself am not a stickler for exact forms or for following instructions exactly… I’m a rebel that way!

        I haven’t figured out photo stuff yet. Though I like to take nature stuff.


      1. You are most welcome and most deserving =) I love Wordles too. Always feel free to go back and do earlier Wordles, if you like you can always link to the most recent one so that more people will see them in either case I will always read them.


      2. I often panic on the tagging. 🙂 I write the challenges in my notebook, then do the work when I have time (or the Muse) and I have trouble getting back to the MLMM site Mr. Linky.


      3. Just so I can find your poem somehow I am happy lol I do go out looking for the posts if someone accidentally links the wrong entry I will check through their blog and I follow my participants as well to try and catch if they post but it does help me find things more easily when people link up


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