Who do I write for?— or is it…For Whom do I write?


No…wait…don’t go!  Although I write because I need to write, and this is what I DO…

…I take photos and put them on the blog, hoping that other bloggers who follow me (or even random droppers-in,)  will see my Cats, or Roses, or Assorted Weeds among Mediocre Flowers.     And I love it when you comment.

I know you people!      Just as much as if we were all sitting around in my back yard drinking mint julips (does anyone really?)    If everyone showed up to my picnic, that follows my blog, some would have to stand out in the road.  But my point is that I would know many of you as well as I know my oldest friends…by name.  I know what country you live in, and where you grew up, your political leanings, what you eat for breakfast, and what you look like.

On a one to one (without the crowd) I could start a conversation with any of you.  “How’s your daughter?”    “Is it still Winter over there where you live?”    “How did the trip to Wherever go?”

When you are walking up the driveway I could say to the others: “Oh, good!  Here comes Anne.”      “This guy with the cool cap has to be E…”    “Hey!  I see you made it from Scotland…how is the weather over there?”      “Ah!  Here comes the girl with the pet camel…”

Every day there are some newcomers—I love that!   Some “Follow” and stick around, some don’t.    Some have been around for three years, some just an hour ago.

Thanks guys and gals!   Love ya all!

Thus are the joys of blogging.





14 thoughts on “Who do I write for?— or is it…For Whom do I write?

  1. Marvelous! I feel the same way about you and the others I follow. Wouldn’t it be fun to meet our on-line friends face to face? Blogging has added richness to my life that I wouldn’t trade for anything.


    1. I actually did meet two of them…one in England (who now calls me Mumsie,) and a woman in Virginia with whom I have exchanged emails for something like 15 years! The whole English family adopted me. It was fun meeting them…both have interesting accents, different from my boring Ohio accent, otherwise they looked pretty much as I expected. 🙂

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