Dreaming imaginary Prague

(original title: Dreaming imagination)

I have never been to Prague, except in daydreams…
but my impressionable mind is easily led
into the magical world of zithers and Gypsys,
of violins singing and wailing in ageless melodies…
music of joy and abandon…or sadness and melancholy.

Put on your hat, my girl, and come along with me…
We will trip the light fantastic (or is it a Fandango?)
whirling, twirling and dancing …and laughing at nothing
as our echoing soles  click and ring among  the cobblestones…
back to the days of fancy and intrigue.

Halcyon days of exquisite youth and passion for it all–
sordid or glorious, respectable or ridiculous–
days when common sense stayed at home amid the quiet
and comfortable over-stuffed chairs…and crackling radio static
never quite able to drown out the strains of an orchestral tune.

Prickles of goose bumps remind of running with n’er-do-wells
and bad influences…those mysterious, exciting  ones that
never existed, masquerading as “ladies” and “gentlemen,”
life’s forbidden (or at least frowned upon) adventures
among the brilliantly dark recesses of shadowy corners.

The mere mention of Prague always brings unseen wonders–
half-vision, half-dream.      There are Ladies in satiny dresses
and impossible shoes…. dancing away the nights, until dawn.
They sway with the music of instruments with no names,
enticing dangerously handsome partners with unknown designs.

But I digress, as is my wont…
the thoughts of romance and mystery subside–
old Prague returns to an idea that lives on
for dreamers…and poets.

©Sometimes, 2016

12 thoughts on “Dreaming imaginary Prague

  1. Reading this with energy and a (small) degree of rapidity provides the makings for a verbal tarantella. Isn’t that dance sort of, kind of, maybe from that region? Prague is a dream to me as well. I appreciate your detailed, happily crowded, spirited reverie.


    1. thanks Chris! hmmm, a tarantella…sounds Spanish to me. (is that a dance or a big spider?) My fascination with Eastern European countries comes from my growing up in the Cold War and pretending to be a femme fatale spy. 🙂 I still have my trench coat and slouch hat somewhere, but my ambitions and hankerings have to be put on hold now…. As for reading my stuff with “energy and a degree of rapidity” is how it is intended to be read…usually scribbled in my notebook first, fresh off the brain spur.


    1. thanks so much! I am glad that I got to so many great places in my lifetime so far…now most of my travels are vicarious. I did get to Tennessee last month, which isn’t quite Prague, but it was lots of fun. 🙂

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  2. Oh yeah, Grad…very cool, indeed, thanks for pointing the way, I’d missed this post (as time has a way of slipping away from me these days). I love the lyrical movement in the poem. I really like this line: “days when common sense stayed at home amid the quiet and comfortable over-stuffed chairs”…so cool.


    1. thanks! Ha…having grown up on spy movies set “over there” I keep hearing music and seeing shadows. Every once in awhile my Muse dictates something to me that just has to make it to the page. Your posts always cheer me up…I should really pour a glass of merlot when reading. Haven’t read Part Two yet.

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