rats and sinking ships, reblogged

(This post was originally posted in 2016, almost to the exact date of today. In four years it seems that the subject is still pertinent, though the lesson seems to have fallen on deaf ears.)

Donald Trump finally succeeded
in shocking his fellows…
now he’s watching in dismay
while they scramble to jump ship.

It was OK when Mr T made nasty remarks
about Megan and Rosie and Miss Universe
that were just worthy of snickers…
his followship barely wrinkled.

The insane idea of using the nukes
as long as they are stacked up waiting
to annihilate or “educate”
various would-be belligerants.

A good idea to plan alternatives
for marching aliens back to their spaceships
peacefully and obediently…even citizens.
Build a wall…keep ’em out in the first place.

Women don’t know what’s good for them,
so The Don and his lackeys will teach them
that they have no say over their bodies or lives.
Population control through legislation.

Playing footsie with long-time enemies
is acceptable, if frowned-upon….  effective
as long as it insults and  slanders the President.
Were they not paying attention during the Cold War?

But now—the ultimate straw–the camel’s
nemesis!  At last something that loosens the
groveling and politically correct echoing
of the Party Line by even the most promising!

Dirty Words…bad expressions of filth and misogny
that bring snickers and good-old-boy “locker room”
banter from sycophants and hangers-on…
Bad Words uttered to impress and shock admirers.

Well, at least The Don didn’t try to blame Barack Obama,
the usual scapegoat for anything bad that ever happened…
as his role-model for dirty talk about women.

The rush to get off the threatening-to-sink ship
the politicians will fall all over each other trying
to escape.   Some of these chaps, it seems,
would support the Devil himself for political gain.

(©Sometimes, 2016/2020)

14 thoughts on “rats and sinking ships, reblogged

  1. Of all the things that could be cracked down on, I’d love for campaigning to be limited to a few weeks. A few days would be even better. I had enough a long time ago!


      1. I must say that I don’t know why I wrote that comment about not really caring much who wins… some closed dark corner of my mind I guess…I always care very much. sorry about that… 🙂


      1. apparently not…the “deplorables” as HC calls them, “can’t see” (or worse) they “do see and approve of the fascist leanings at some level.” really scary!


    1. the state of our Congress shows that it always does matter who gets in…we can only hope that Hillary Clinton gets elected AND that she have a Congress that she can work with.


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