Nursery Rhyme commentary


Remember the Maiden All Forlorn?
Who kissed the cow with the crumpled horn?
Ever wonder what was her problem?

Was it the Man All Tattered and Torn?
Did our Maiden prefer the Cow
to the advances of the passerby?

The saddest dilemma the poor Maiden faced
was that to report the bad man was out of place
for a mere milkmaid with a pretty face.

Now she is old and has Maidens of her own,
and tries to forget the horrible Man with the
slobbering kiss—but he calls her a Crone

“Never happened,” says He, with a straight face,
“How could it….look at her!   There’s no way
she would have have had any appeal!”

Now the Maiden is famous throughout the land
and has forfeited her anonymity to critics
who scoff and sneer…just another statistic!

©Sometimes, 2016

the maiden all forlorn

11 thoughts on “Nursery Rhyme commentary

    1. I found that site when looking for a picture of the Maiden So Forlorn…its fun, traces religious origins of various nursery rhymes. I think that kids of English ancestry were especially well versed in nursery rhymes. I have always know them as complete… 🙂

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      1. It’s mindboggling and very, very concerning. Whoever gets in – and I, quite literally, pray that it won’t be Trump – will need to develop a strategy for healing the nation.


      2. We are in for trouble regardless of whether he gets in or not…what with crazies on the TV raving about “taking out” other candidates. Prayer is always good, but unfortunately a lot of our home-grown preachers are leading their flocks into the Trump Pit.


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