Deer Tales now and then


Wow!  This incident should serve to tell that hunter something… it sure would give ME pause…

On the next road over there were some people who had a small farm where they raised a few cattle, and once a pregnant deer leaped over a fence and into the protected yard, which was in a triangle formed by two highways overhead.    The deer had a baby deer, a fawn.   The local newspapers featured stories about these people for years.   The little deer stayed on and grew up with the cows.    Then a buck showed up one time and whisked the Fawn off of her feet, so to speak, and eloped into Nature.   The farmer’s wife cried and cried.    Then after a year or so the Deer returned just as she had disappeared.    It was a happy happy day!

This is my version of a sort of a legnd in our area of Ohio…I am not sure what became of the Deer after that .  We used to drive past the property whenever coming from “uptown” to see if the Fawn/Deer was there…and were delighted when indeed there she was, usually close in among the cattle.    I personally saw the Deer numerous times.

The hunter in the story admits that he was quite taken with the Buck, which came up to him to have his ears scratched.  He said he couldn’t shoot this deer.




2 thoughts on “Deer Tales now and then

  1. Words to live by: “what animal on earth doesn’t love a good head scratch? ” Two good stories about encountering deer. I very much appreciate these. Living in deer-hunting country is a challenge.


    1. hunting is against the law in our city, but since the neighboring municipality does not have the ban…it could still be a good idea to wear bullet-proof vests. I have many stories of encounters with deer…fortunately none of them involved my car.


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