Contemplating the Overhead

Who has never stared at a ceiling,
stark and unobtrusive, high above.
Waiting on the examination table,
A pattern of plaster, geometric or concentric
or randomness in tile squares…
in the eye unique to the beholder:
Faces and road maps, decorative design..

Dozing off while waiting for
examination of unseen mysteries,
matters of distracted concern
existing anonymously within
a rounded belly, something enlarged,
a broken bone peeking shyly out
to see air and light… foreign and out-of-place.

To contemplate anomalies without purpose,
pictures not there—right before our eyes.
Improbable, impossible creatures,
staring down on the same…unknown,
unrecognized, without meaning…
open for inspection under the sheet
or the silly inadequate gown.

The very distraction of these glyphs
on the ceiling have reason after all—
to occupy and entertain
a mind with nothing else to do
but wait and wonder, as patterns emerge
a mundane excursion into the
feeling that this may be— The Truth After All..

© Sometimes, 2016


22 thoughts on “Contemplating the Overhead

    1. wow…how cool is that! I’d like to read the story. Patterns have always been fascinating to me. When I first got glasses, when I was nine (should have had them years before,) I was amazed by individual leaves on trees, and the “pimples” on the stucco wall (all the rage back then in the early 40’s.)


      1. I, too, didn’t know you could see individual leaves on trees! But I was in my teens before I got glasses. Didn’t need them for reading until I was well into my sixties but man do I need them now!!!


      2. I can see without my glasses now since I had cataract surgery, but I feel undressed without them. One eye can see close up, the other long distance. I often entertain myself by experimenting to see at which point I can see clearly enough to read with only my right eye.

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      3. Too late for that! haha…back in the day I once went to a huge party where the men were all wearing tuxes…and it occurred to me that without my glasses I could not tell one from the other at any distance. LOL

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      4. How time flies…my great granddaughter recently started wearing glasses and she thinks it is GREAT! One of my other grands a few years ago wore fake glasses because they were so IN.


      5. when my daughter says her granddaughter reminds of me…I can tell it isn’t necessarily considered a good thing…but I love it. Some people are just timeless!


      6. not naughty, I like to say contemplative and concerned. Beatrice is a child that thinks things over before accepting anything blindly…something I very much admire. Thinking is sometimes a lost art, some never achieve the muse of thinking if there is such a thing.


      7. I look forward to reading it. If you don’t see a comment from me, it means I got busy and didn’t see it. Crazy busy week coming up. So send me an URL!!


      8. hey, since I’m poor as a church mouse, I’m trying to work at my ebay and online book sales…the (blank blank bad word) Bank is picking on me because I’m old. HA! I wish I could prove that is the reason…I’d make a fortune suing them.


  1. I find it interesting to think about the “things” I see in the ceiling or wallpaper or coblestones. I think I generally lean to seeing animals. Wonder what that says about me.


  2. My favorite hospital had blue sky and clouds in the ceiling!! They were covers for light fixtures. in the hallways You didn’t notice them while walking, but they were great when you were lying down and being wheeled about.


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