Rules For Commenters…or Think First!

There should be a rule
on commenting protocol
requiring at least
(if not a working knowledge)
mini-common sense.

Every school age child
with a mite’s  intelligence
should have learned restraint
in matters of opinion…
at least a few facts.

No one should ever
consider as an expert
smart snappy comments…
an internet free-for-all
sans supervision.

Our Rule Number One:
Start out with a set of clues,
a few question marks,
a reasonably open-mind
and process of thought.

For Rule Number Two,
should be needless to expound,
an unspoken rule–
have proof, or at least
citations of information.

Who, what, when, where, why
How the commenter knows,
…at least Who Said So?
citation of source
and last—Who Cares?

© Sometimes, 2016


23 thoughts on “Rules For Commenters…or Think First!

    1. oh, the red maple leaves. My camera worked with me this time, I love the color of that tree. The leaves are all in a big soggy mass on the ground now…I need to threaten my son some more to get them out of there before the snow.


      1. ya need money to get from my house to the jungle…once there there are wild fruits and bugs and stuff to eat, and water dripping off the coffee tree branches. It doesn’t take much to make me happy…always was pretty low maintenance… I do need a new camera though, hoping Santa will bring me one.


      2. come to think of it a walk in the jungle would be one of the best things I can think of right now…have been in a super slump, and today’s trip was to Walmart to buy a new mixer…talk about from the ridiculous to the sublime! The jungle being the sublime…Walmart is the epitome of bourgeois b.s…..or as someone wrote recently the “booboisie”….I love that to death!


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