Preservation Pays: *Wordle#128 MLM

Week 128.png

With a mysterious scapular fetish
caught in a maze-like web,
a necroscope’s lover lingers…
his  mistress an ingénue:
a beautiful vandal
in scarlet sandals
regretting a soupçon of elephant’s tusk,
something irreplaceable,
to constitute a nod to preservation.

© Sometimes, 2016

Wordles are a favorite exercise.    I enjoy the challenge of attacking a list of a dozen random words in a given list, and creating a work of writing.    So this is my entry for WORDLE #128, originally published by MindLoveMisery’s Menagerie.


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    1. ! Trying to make some money with my ebay and book business. Lots of stuff going on with my son, too, doctors and x-rays, bloodwork, insurance hassles… I do write, but most isn’t publishable.

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