Life in Recall…day dreaming

Once I was a dancer
spinning on tiptoe…reaching for fame and fortune
wearing pink tutus of fluffy tulle
snug bodice and satin slippers
a silver tiara atop chestnut curls.

Several lifetimes a Scribe clad in rough robes
tied with heavy ropes, my head in a cowl,
ever accompanied by heavy tomes
marked carefully in strong goose quills
transcribing words Holy and Secret.

A Sailor aloft a mast of treated timber
peering out across the vacant sea
gentle waves reflecting blue from the sky
a breeze from the North picking up
clouds darken with a hint of a chill.

High above the canyon basin
an Eagle makes her widening circle
supported and encouraged by the wind.
The sun sets low in lavender-rose sky
time to head back to her aerie home.

Numerous times a Wanderer, sack on a stick
walking alone on endless trails
ending only into the next adventure.
These journeys led to exotic locations or mundane sites
neither  intent nor itinerary ….only serendipity.

© Sometimes, 2016