One Hundred Years ago today…

One hundred years ago this day
my dear husband was born, not so far away.
A farmer and firefighter,
intellectual and scholar,
the marvel was that he waited for me.

He actually departed this earth in 2000,
a milestone remarkable in itself
to have reached the second millennium.
He was a man who loved life
and there was nothing he wouldn’t try.

Growing apples, and cabbage, to name a few
vegetables…and cotton and tobacco (for fun,
nevermind those crops’ unsuitability for cold.)
Making soap, and soup,  brooms and penquin-gourds,
among countless projects and skills.

He knew no intimidation, among equals
of any levels…down in the trenches or  in the halls academe.
Loved all kinds of music…Opera to Glenn Miller, excepting Hard Rock.
Always a good sport…he even appeared once
on stage in the Mexico Ballet Folklorico.

A hard task-master, to be sure,
though not above grandfather-skills
or speaking French with Portuguese firemen
when in need of a common language.
Not much of a dancer…

Happy Birthday Bob!!!

8 thoughts on “One Hundred Years ago today…

    1. thanks, Anne. I loved him very much. At his eulogy one of his men remarked about a hospital nurse’s comment to him about Bob…”I’ve heard him called a lot of things, but ‘sweetie’ wasn’t one of them.” 🙂 indeed…we all have our moments.


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