among other things: a new blog

among other things

No I really don’t need another blog.   I am happy with SOMETIMES, which is a conglomerate of  photos, poems, eclectic ramblings…and contributions from other bloggers who have consented to allow their posts to be re-blogged here.

I admit that the temptation to tinker with WordPress blogs is almost over-whelming, always searching for the perfect blog.   I invest each year in a Premium site, which means choosing great colors and various innovations that make a blog…well, unique…in the intended use of the word to mean “one-of-a-kind”—not “unusual,” or (god-forbid) “amazing!.”    Sorry, I am not trying to be the grammar/vocabulary/Nazi….it’s just that I hate the misuse of perfectly good, precise words.

This new blog, which I am naming “AMONG OTHER THINGS,” is not a Premium blog, although if I find myself using it frequently I will upgrade.   Just choosing the colors alone is worth the cost.

Also just last week bought…

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7 thoughts on “among other things: a new blog

  1. I’m in your league. We bought our first computer about 1983. Back then computers came with hefty instruction books, so you could figure things out for yourself. Truth to tell, there wasn’t a whole lot to learn. My latest machine is about six months old. I was afraid I’d lose touch after I retired, but when you are the only one in the household who sets things up, you keep learning. Congratulations on your new computer and new blog.


    1. thanks Ann. Next was my new printer…the old one decided it was too old for the new crowd. The first manual that I had was so complicated that I swear they were pulling my leg! I diligently set out to learn as much as I could, though. This set-up I did in the past few days tells me that either I know more than I thought, or the things are really easier to set up. 🙂


      1. I kept worrying about getting the computer hooked up with the printer…then realized I didn’t have the two machines “introduced” to each other. Remember back in the old days when that phrase was actually used? 🙂


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