Promise in a Poem (Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge entry)


I am unique among my peers
having arisen from the Winter
more or less intact… if a bit bedraggled.
One might say the word—disarray?
to describe broken remnants
and staring, bleary rimless eyes
askew and discolored
arrangement of my limbs and leaves,
disheveled scraps of nascent green
tones, silky serrated edges of hemline.
Better days have been….and will be again
and my modest Winter garments
will have fallen to the ground.
Please don’t judge me—for who among us
can preserve the beauty and newness of Summer
beyond the ravages of rain and snow
and Cold from the relentless winds?
You are invited to return in half a year hence,
and feast upon my resurrected beauty
as new green foliage  and velvety petals
of red and white roses prevail.

© Sometimes, 2017




  1. I read that poem before the picture had loaded, & I must say it was more powerful once I saw the picture – which made me think, maybe putting the picture at the end of the poem would make it more impactful. Just some feedback. Daria.


  2. Patricia–This is my favorite way to get information–from friends or people I run into. Beats other types of research and instruction manuals. Thanks.. If you like yours, I’ll see if they are still available and get one. J


    • so Asited! as my greatgranddaughter once said…. I just spent an hour or so with my scanner/converter toy…and I love it! I am preparing a post…which I’ll have out shortly. Slides from 1996, and I am thrilled with them! I won’t try to do all of the thousands of slides… I did about 36 slides (one box) in about two hours (and hour and a half figuring it out…half an hour actual transfer from box to computer file. Its a compact thing, won’t take up a bulky space. I love it…


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