STATS…my favorite posting prompt

(this post has been amended twice er, three times in the past five minutes.)

I LOVE to look at STATS of my various sites.     They are always wonderful…in the sense of being “full of wonder” at the mysterious statistics.

Today my notice came about a great spike in hourly views and visitors to my alternate site,              A State of Mind, which I admit is sorely neglected.

Anyway, my number of VIEWS has spiked to 52 views an hour — remarkable in view of the stat that my normal count of views is   O  — ZERO.   Of course his information peaked my interest and curiosity.

It seems that the 52 Views were … well, viewed … by 2 — TWO individuals.   One in Canada, the other in Australia.

Welcome to both!

Apparently one viewer looked at up to 52 of my past posts.

…. and guess who holds the record for having looked at (viewed) my posts?

Ha!    Gradmama2011.    Yes, that’s ME.

I love Stats… 🙂

17 thoughts on “STATS…my favorite posting prompt

      1. I saw that – I think it’s a good idea – we’re in the process of creating one to be more focused, it’s amazing how quickly a blog can diverge from the original plan.


      2. There is a partnership, definitely, between the blogger and the reader, which contributes to the evolution of a blog.


  1. I didn’t know that was a stat for showing who view posts. How did you see that you viewed more than anyone else. You make interesting reading out of your stats record. Fun.


    1. go to Stats, and the info will come up. There’s a nifty chart going back a couple years, or by the day or month, and it shows who hits your site the most often, your best day….and the views. There are two pages to it, so be sure to hit them both. There’s a map of the world showing visitors too. Very cool wordpress feature.


    2. stats is where you can see all of your followers and choose to follow them or not. When a post hits some kind of milestone they put a note here in the comments…like top views, or some such.


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