Teotihuacan 1996 revisited

Wow!   Two promises in two days….      I checked out my Digital Film/Slide Projector for my pal Judy Dykstra/Brown over at Lifelessons, AND in the same swell swoop…or is it fell swoop?… found some of my ancient slides of ancient archeological sites as I had promised my buddy BadFish!

I will do a proper post about these pyramids  soon, right now the goal is to show that my old slides really can be  resurrected and restored by even ME…klutz that I can be even after thirty-some years of computer-practice.

The purpose of this post is to show the results of my test of my scanner converter…yes it works, and yes I love it!    It took me about four times longer than it should have, and I had a LOT of hassle getting the photos into the post.

No, that is not me up on that pyramid…no way.   It may or may not be my late husband, who went up part way.

These shots were taken in 1996 at the Teotihuacan archeological site near Mexico City.  This particular occasion marked the last time Bob and I went to Mexico together, although I made several more trips by myself.

These are not Aztec pyramids, but were constructed by the Teotihuacanos, who predated the Aztecs by centuries.    The city was a hub of commerce and trade that extended even down into what is now Guatemala.   National Geographic did a great magazine issue featuring this fascinating city.

There are hundreds and hundreds of photos of the pyramids.       https://www.bing.com/images/search?q=teotihuacan+pyramids&FORM=IARRTH&ufn=teotihuacan&stid=1a1f9c4b-ec11-aeee-db7b-def752eff0af&cbn=EntityAnswer&cbi=0&FORM=IARRTHds   I’ll check it.   I just googled Teotihuacan pyramids and got it.

OH yes!  the link works…many of the photos I looked at on the site have been taken much more recently.  There has been on-going reconstruction work at many of the Mexican sites for many years.

All photos were by Robert Dreger, 1996.   © Sometimes, 2017

The Pyramid of the  Moon photo © Sometimes, 2017
The much larger Pyramid of the Sun.
A partially reconstructed Administration or residential Building.

19 thoughts on “Teotihuacan 1996 revisited

  1. hey…I finally found it…thanks for pointing me in the right direction!!! I’ve been on hiatus and offline for a while…too long. I love these photos, and I have slides from the 60’s I want to digitise, but just haven’t yet. These look great!!


      1. they should be good…I converted several hundred or more and have a couple thousand family shots to go…I see some with the tag “baby JJ.” said baby is now goin on 30, hee hee the handy-dandy converter works great and free slide-show is worth the tedium…due to renaming the slides.

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      2. youll be glad once you do try out your converter. I always thought it would be a big hassle, but it really isns’t, and I SO enjoyed seeing those good old slides!


      3. JJ loves our slides…used to jump up down on the sofa and yell “slides slides”… otoh some potential viewers disappeared “oh no your Mom has new sides”


      4. odd thing, all these old slides we paid to have developed…it boggles my mind to think what we would have acquired had digital capability been invented.


    1. still I have some missing, noteably my Yucatan sites. I think they are among a round-holder that I created once for a slide-show for a class. Chichen Itza, Tuluum, Coba, Uxmal…favorites of mine.

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      1. some of our best pics were obtained when we found a back-way entrance into one of the big sites, and went in very early morning when it was misty-raining…heavenly, no tourists.


      2. Cancun is still there I think but got wrecked by a hurricane a decade ago, and there’s a new resort hoopdy=doo out of my range the old Cancun was a nice junky tourist trap. my pics are lost with the rest of my Yucatan pics, but I’ll find them

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      3. good lord me too! If I could I’d go in a flash. However, its all I can do to get around my backyard without falling on my face. On one of my last trips down to Chiapas I hired a guide to take me to a remote site that the tourists hadn’t discovered yet. It was gun, and the guy actually insisted that I climb up to the top, and I am so glad I did.


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