What is Post-truth? Re-blogged from We, the Millennials

Here’s a neat post that is re-blogged from We, the Millennials….. in turn re-blogged from Harsh Reality.      I always like to discover new, or more accurately “refurbished” words which are old words with new meanings.    Thanks for the re-blog permission!


We, the Millennials!

The Post-truth Era

Many people questioned me why I kept the name, the post-truth era blog? Is it a political blog? Are you against Brexit or a fan of Narendra Modi or Donald Trump? My answer is simple, ‘NO’. It’s not a political blog, it’s more about expressing our opinion to everyone, discuss things you always felt passionate about but never felt comfortable sharing or time to share. Most blogs have discussed this term in the reference of politics, but I want to focus more on What does Post-truth mean for us? Is this term has relevance in our life? Do we even need to know what is post-truth era?

OK, So without getting philosophical, I confess, I have never heard this word Post-truth even as far as a year back, but I read a news where after much debate and research, Post-truth was declared theOxford Dictionaries Word…

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