Where have all the bloggers gone? Gone to silence, every one…my take on Opinionated Man’s observations.

Today my friend Jason over at OPINIONATED MAN  posted a question about the recent slow-down in blogging.          https://aopinionatedman.com/2017/03/29/where-did-they-all-go/#respond    I started to make a comment, which of course went all hay-wild, and I am moved to make a post of my own.    Thanks, Jason

huh….good question!

I’ve been thinking about this a lot.   I think it is because I am overwhelmed.   I LOVE blogging…love my blog, my fellow bloggers.   Since the beginning of this year…. January 20, 1917 to be exact we wake up every morning to a new disaster of Government Gone Mad, and are filled with rage that everything we hold dear is going down the tubes.

Now….having written that statement above, my zapping finger wants to delete it.   WHY?   Because someone will pick on me for being partisan or a conspiracy theorist or a Democrat or Liberal or biased….and make me feel like a terrible person because I am critical and speak out about it.

What I really want to do is write about Daisies…and Little Bunnies…Sweetness…Light.     I want to write poetry that curls the toes and reaches out to my lost- love- with- the- blue- eyes .

Photos…I want to take photos and put them online.
Blogs…I want to visit every one of my blogger pals every day….AND comment on stuff.
Writing Poetry…I want to write great poems that I love.  (I may be my own favorite poet.)
History…I want to write about History….the pyramids, archeology, slavery, British Abolishment of Slavery,
Rachel Jackson, the Real Purpose of Foreign Aid.

So why don’t I write about these things?     Because someone/somewhere will resent it, or think that I am opinionated.   Someone told me once when I was complaining about the bombing of Baghdad…that he “always knew what I was going to say…always negative…always unpatriotic.”

Or worse, the “WHO do you think you are?” remarks from alien commenters…both from Mars and from Maryland.   These are the folks who demand their right to say and write anything they please—while sneering at what I write and telling me that I don’t know what I’m talking about.      Do I ever say that to anyone?   No—

Yes….I am overwhelmed.   Chastised by people who laugh at me for being “afraid of the Russians.”    Reluctant to say anything that will piss somebody off.

I check my notebooks, and too often to stuff I find scribbled there is pinched and stiff…topics like bombs and war and why I hate the news people.

From now on I’m going back to writing something in my blog every day….no matter how mundane, how ridiculous, how unpopular…and if anyone doesn’t like it they can go read something else.    AND I’ll just write about my theories, and is anyone wants to snicker or make fun of me for being a silly…well, I’m not even going there…fine.   Just keep one thing in mind: just because I’m a conspiracy theorist doesn’t mean they aren’t out to get me.

28 thoughts on “Where have all the bloggers gone? Gone to silence, every one…my take on Opinionated Man’s observations.

  1. Write for yourself, if for no one else, and damn the consequences. I find if I don’t vent on my blog once in awhile I will explode. I warn folks that it’s a rant and they are free to disregard it. Trolls don’t bother me anymore, I just ignore them and quickly delete their comments (and criticisms). Mostly I stick to Photography, Writing and Travel posts but I do venture into politics and social issues occasionally . . . it’s a matter of conscience.

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  2. I haven’t noticed a decrease in blogging from others. I get all my notices from email, and it seems I’ll never catch up, it’s so full every day. I like your last sentence, as I totally agree! 🙂


    1. It’s a feeling, I think, and there does seem to me to be a change in the blogging atmosphere. Personally my writing is slightly different, thoughts are darker…maybe I’m a bit of a drama queen.


  3. Super post, Luv! You go right ahead and write what you like – as always stay within the norms of decency and reason….
    I’m not surprised some people are beginning to feel ‘paranoid’ or ‘depressed’ by the drift of politics in the USA…or even over here in Blighty…or the rest of the world, for that matter.
    Hugs! ❤


      1. a dear professor once told me that I “…have a deeper understanding of the world…” which I have always considered a great compliment. Not always sure if such is a blessing or something else.

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    1. Soon I will embark on a brief history of how a few dozen mendicant friars brought Christianity to all of the New World. Part of my doc. dissertation data, which I think is endlessly fascinating… Also it is almost Spring, and flowers and birds etc. are making themselves known. 🙂

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  4. You should keep writing. The way you do it, it captures at least my heart – and many more. We have to keep writing to stay sane in this mad world. And I agree about where all bloggers went…I do not know, but they have dropped off or maybe just resting. The world is a bit too tough right now.


  5. Fuck what everyone else thinks. Will I get in trouble for saying fuck….maybe…but we aren’t in elementary school….we happen to be in social media world where everyone gets offended with everything. In my opinion…blogging is different. You GET to write whatever you want to write and in the blogging world , those words should be heard, validated, and listened to. I don’t feel blogs are the place to be offended. It is your space. Your expression. You. And you should be accepted as you are, not judged. I hope you keep writing. I just throw out their daily what is on my mind heart soul and body. I feel fortunate I don’t get ripped apart by nasty comments. If you get them, delete them. Blogging seems sacred somehow. Like a place where you should be able to be authentic and be supported in that.


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