breathing in…and out

[Here is a poem that I think my readers will like.   Very appropriate to Spring, I think.]

breathing in,
oxygen I consume
which loving plants exude
breathing out,
carbon dioxide sent
for loving plants to use

and so we dance
to the delight
of the sun giving life
from all of its radiant rays
we give and we take
each and every day

the purpose of our existence
is reliance and assistance
to and from all that is around us
in this beauty that surrounds us
we are not alone
but all one
parts of the total sum

and if we wish to remain
from our harmful actions we must refrain
contemplate and reflect
all of the effects
and their cause
not one immune to natural law

so please take heed
using only what u need
leaving very little waste
mindful of every step you take
and the foot prints left in their wake


©Max’sMaxims, (Sometimes, 2017)

75 thoughts on “breathing in…and out

    1. something very odd is occurring in our nation, and I’ve had enough of it. I just had an extraordinary trip back in time, which I am posting about…quite refreshing. I must let our Trumpet fend for himself and if we are all going to heck in a handbasket…so be it.

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      1. The thing is that at this time in history we are overwhelmed by people who don’t know…and don’t care. It’s near impossible to educate these folks. That is much worse than the ones who DO know…and don’t care.


      1. confusius said ” those who said they can and those who said they can’t… are both usually right”….o shit, you said confused not confusious, cold you be a bit more specific


      2. I think not, but who knows…. I can feel for the man, I myself I’m a priest, and I don’t always say or do the deeds of God,
        What I’m going to tell you is very personal, is actually my own quote or quotes le me be as a bee, you read?
        Hiti it,
        “I’m sexy”
        ” Know what you know and know what you don’t know”….. I’m getting to serious, not cool sista


      3. not me, I just got out of my house with a fucking knife after they tried to beat down the door, I don’t run. Trust me, grandma… I actually feell kind of strange calling you that name, can you can come up with another, Sara, Lisa, just a normal one, pick you choice


      4. So that is a good thing, no? I bet Ainsteing was called all but pretty, but he turned out pretty good…… basically I’m saying I’m the second comming of Ainstain (did I spell his name right?)


  1. This poem woos the reader smoothly to take action. soft talk piece the heart most, till the guilt is laid bare for every eye to see. then men will rise for change.


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