FYI about the Khan Sheikoun affair for open-minders, from the Huffington Post

Even for readers who already have their minds made up owe it to themselves to read this detailed Huffington Post article by Scott Ritter, and to add it to all available sources of information.     Here is a great example of “Alternate Facts,” in a logical sense of being mixed information from different sources, that as a whole may lead to knowledge of what really happened in Khan Sheikoun.

There is a creditable “trail of misinformation” under the smug expressions of media reporters.   We can’t believe selectively here…this situation is important enough for followers to be informed and alert…research, research, research!

It really makes me wonder why many of the same pundits who daily attack Donald Trump as a liar and self-advantage seeker suddenly hail him as a hero—are we really a people who judge our presidents by their bully-characteristics?   Are we understanding the “America First” thing to mean “America As Boss of the World…Richer and Stronger and Meaner than any other nation?”

Cure for lagging respect and trust—bomb somebody.



  1. Tell you the truth, I just read two lines.
    Huffingtoast… that says it all, now we are not blogger friends
    deal with it!
    By the way I thought it was nice the ” Huffingtoast”,
    I should write about it…..or just stick to my crazy writing
    would be better, hey! Yo my internet mommy so tell me what you think, actually I have one mother and is more than enough,
    did I just cough?


  2. hidden from worldly pursuits as I am, I haven’t heard of this issue. I’m tempted not to click the link to Huff Post, but I think I will…but I can say this—what is up in this world, especially America?


    • know what you mean about Huff…but this is a fairly comprehensive account. I…of course…think its all a huge fiasco. making America Great Again. I don’t approve of blowing people up with bombs and missiles, but that’s just me…


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