Wildflower Aliens, thanks to The Big Wooden Tent…for the re-blog.

The cheery and informative post from The Big Wooden Tent, features  many wildflower species that are found also here across Lake Erie, in my Ohio back yard.   These plants all have botanical names which are mostly unknown to me, except for buttercups and chicory and the like.    I guess we can thank the prevailing winds for the propagation.



The Big Wooden Tent

I have talked about our swamp plants, our native plants and some of the plants that grow in our wildflower meadow; the Tufted vetch (vicia cracca), clover and the White Hepaticas. The Hepaticas is a native plant, but the Tufted vetch and clover are not. We have so many plants that are not native, but have naturalized so that they appear in my book “Wildflowers of Ontario”. The Tufted vetch was introduced from Eurasia.

Red Clover

White Clover (Trifolium repens) and Red Clover (Prifolium pratense) are native to Europe, Western Asia and northwest Africa, but it has naturalised in many other regions. This one seems too pale to be Red Clover, but too pink to be White Clover, so I am not sure which it is. Clover improves poor soil by fixing nitrogen from the air, so it is not necessarily a bad plant. Only bumblebees and butterflies have the mouth parts…

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