Change in the Neighborhood…Photo Op


My new camera is wonderful.   I love it…the way it feels, the reassuring heft, the quality of the photos.    The colors are glorious, landscapes good and clear, and focus…well, focus is not my strong suite.   I used to blame it on my eyesight, on the camera itself, pesky f-stops and shutter speeds, and my own tendency to shake.     But now the brutal truth of photography is shining brightly in my face in four large words:  read the manual stupid!

Actually I’m not stupid, just impatient.  The simpler the camera the less there is to know of techniques and tricks of the trade.   Point-n-shoot….way to go.   Except that I want to learn how to be a real photographer, not just a picture-taker.      Fully recognizant of the need to study the basics and memorize a few simple tips such as keeping the camera battery charged…and checking to see that there is an SD card in place.

Even as I write there is an imminent barn-collapse in the works across the road, where they are tearing down a big old greenhouse operation and are in the end-time of demolishing a big 100-year old barn and some assorted out buildings.    The greenhouse structures are already gone.     I do have photos of the destruction and clean-up.

Both of my camera batteries are charging.  Really.    My new Sony DSC-HX80 needed to be charged, and so did my little blue Sony which I like to keep fired up for back-up…and besides, it doesn’t require much thinking.

So hopefully the little orange charging lights will turn to green before the barn becomes a pile of rubble.

The latter may be a really big deal, as the front edge of the barn is maybe 20 feet from the edge of the road pavement.   It has been there for a century, before there was much of a road.    The operation will probably need a police car, maybe a fire truck…and a flag-person-crew to direct traffic.

… stay tuned.


See house to the SouthWest of the barn.


All these buildings will come down. 
The big dumpsters are rented, and when full are taken away to the dump.




5 thoughts on “Change in the Neighborhood…Photo Op

    1. I hope I’m there…if I’m not paying attention I could miss the barn-coming-down-moment. It should involve the fire department, and maybe police…major traffic-disruption! Especially if the barn falls the wrong way and blocks the road with debris. I hope they don’t have to create a by-pass path which would cut through my neighbor (daughter’s) vacant lot next to their house…my SIL will have a cow!!!!


      1. I think it will be hard to miss…very tricky though, bringing down that big barn in the right position. I suspect they will dismantle it in sections rather than just pull it down. It’s very close to the house.

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    2. If I was a nice person I’d go over and sit with the woman who sold the property…she is very upset by the destruction of the greenhouse site, which includes several good out-buildings. My newspaper reporter genes are reacting! 🙂

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