Do as I say…not as I do :-)

While showing off my prowess with blogging and WordPress in particular, today, I made a point of demonstrating how to try out new themes at will…with the cautionary reminder that while it is possible, admissible, and fun to try out our blogs in other themes….it can be problematic.

Rule #1 for changing to a new theme—always write down the name of the current theme to be sure of easy return.    Otherwise it can be frustrating to plow through the eight and a half million WordPress themes, one by one.

Well…I tried out my theory today, and promptily forgot the name of the theme I had been using of late: Orvis.      (I will cut to the chase though, so ya’ll aren’t sitting there on the edge of your chairs waiting.)    There IS an easy way to recover the theme.   In addition to keeping the theme name in our handy notebook along with other vital blogging tips.    I knew how to do it—but I forgot!

Just go to My Sites/WPAdmin/Appearance/ Customize/ CSS/ CSS revisions…, and there is a list of the last 25 revisions made to the blog…which means the last 25 theme changes are listed.   Talk about a life-saver!   I tend to panic easily, so am very grateful to have this handy crutch.

Not that it would be the end of the world if the theme changed, but it could slow a blogger down.    Support is always there, and they are good…but in a panic it always helps to know what to do.

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